• Rallies, Rendezvous, Sail-in Company, Gatherings Afloat

    Whether you are orgainsing or attending, PLEASE READ THIS:

    The Rallies & Socials section is a notice board for the use of both flag officers and members for announcing both official and unofficial events.

    Details should be sent to FOA webmaster Alan Ward  https://www.fisherowners.org/contact-us

    a. Official FOA rallies and other events are either organised by the Committee, the Vice Commodore or Rear Commodores and details are posted on the Rallies & Socials tab of the
    FOA website.

    b. Unofficial, informal events may be organised by FOA members themselves, such as rendezvous, sailing in company or other gatherings afloat. Such unofficial events are undertaken at the members ’own risk and, to the extent permitted by law, the FOA and its officers can accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage or expense of any kind
    arising therefrom.

    c. All skippers take full responsibility for the seaworthiness of their vessel; for ensuring their vessel has at least £2 million third party liability insurance, or, for members outside the United Kingdom, at least the equivalent in local currency; for adhering to relevant national and local regulations and bye-laws; and for the safety and behaviour of his/her crew/guests.
    In addition, skippers assume the responsibility for briefing his/her crew/guests on the potential risks associated with sailing, whatever the nature of the event, and the appropriate safety precautions to be taken.