A List of Marine Suppliers
A List of Marine Suppliers


  • This is a list of marine suppliers who your fellow FOA members have found to be of benefit. They might be of interest to you.


    1. Should you wish to recommend a marine supplier to fellow FOA Members please provide the relevant information (product description, supplier name and website address, any comment you wish to make and your name) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    •Products: Comprehensive Boat and Yacht Chandler, specialising in s/s.

    •Supplier: Sea-Screw (www.Sea-Screw.com)

    •Comment: They have a really good website showing a huge range of s/s fittings.

    •FOA Member: David Monks



    •Products: Marine Switches, Circuit Breakers and ELCI/GFCIs.

    •Supplier: Carling Technologies (www.carlingtech.com) 

    •Comment: Carling Technologies were very helpful as was their retailer M E C Marine who have a large stock and gave an efficient delivery service. I think the price was very good also.

    •FOA Member: David Monks



    •Products: British Boat Brassware, Chandlers, Metal Polishers, Engineers & Founders.

    •Supplier: P.R.O. Cast Nottingham (www.procastnott.com)

    •Comment: They provided an excellent refurbishment (re-chroming) of four portholes at a most reasonable cost (see Forum post 'The cost of refurbishing portholes (an example) dated 9 June 2015). They also have an impressive website with an extensive range of products.

    •FOA Member: Paul Flint