D Day 80th anniversary, June 2024 Neptune 80


  • D Day 80th anniversary, June 2024

    You may remember the last two Fisher rallies to Ouistreham and Caen for D Day 70 and 75th anniversaries. I am happy to announce that positive contact has been made with our friends in the Yacht Club de Caen, and preparations are under way for June 2024. It is proposed that we combine this activity with the Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club (FSMBC) of whom a number of Fisher owners are members too. With the activity being a combined one, the FOA Terms and Conditions etc will apply to us and FSMBC will have theirs applied to them. I do not foresee this causing any problems and as I have a foot in both camps, I will be working hard to ensure there are no difficulties.
    The purpose of this article is to promulgate this opportunity far and wide across our membership in order to gauge the numbers interested. My first estimate, based on the last two rallies, is for 6 boats but have asked for up to 8 so far. So long as I can make the right bids for space as early as possible, that number could arguably be as high as we want.

    If you are interested in joining in with this, please email me as soon as you read this and I will add you to the list. I am looking for:

    Boat name, type, length and beam
    Member names
    Guest numbers
    Dates likely to join in and depart.
    My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The proposed dates for the rally are from arrival on Saturday 1 June to departure 8 June. This of course can be as flexible as you wish. To quote our excellent Rear Commodore West, Bryan Sautelle-Smith, this can to some extent be a ‘Rally à la Carte.’ As you will see, the outline plan below is a little vague. I intend populating this as the rally plans develop. It will include tide times for both Portsmouth and Ouistreham and information on the Ouistreham Lock access timings.
    Outline Plan

    Friday 31-May-24 Passage to Ouistreham Ouistreham Lock timings

    Saturday 01-Jun-24 Ouistreham

    Activities dependant on Canal de Caen Swing Bridge Defect

    Sunday 02-Jun-24 Ouistreham

    Monday 03-Jun-24 Passage Canal de Caen to Caen

    Tuesday 04-Jun-24 YC de Caen

    Wednesday 05-Jun-24 YC de Caen

    Thursday 06-Jun-24 YC de Caen

    Friday 07-Jun-24 YC de Caen

    Saturday 08-Jun-24 YC de Caen

    Sunday 09-Jun-24 YC de Caen

    Monday 10-Jun-24 Passage to Ouistreham

    Tuesday 11-Jun-24 Disperse Ouistreham Lock timings

    At the moment I understand there is a defect with one of the road bridges across the Caen Canal and our friends at YC de Caen are pursuing this with the Mayor’s Office. Clearly, if the bridge prevents us from making it all the way to the berths at the club, we will need to remain berthed at Ouistreham and conduct rally activities therefrom.
    Please do keep an eye on the FOA Forum for updates. I will also make a mailing list for all interested
    and also provide updates in Fisher LITE.
    Barbara and I hope very much that many of you will join in with this.
    Steve White


    Note: Your attention is drawn to our Terms & Conditions on the Rallies and Socials page, particularly para 8.