2020 - FOA South West Rally - Cruise to & from the IoW 50th Anniversary Rendezvous


  • FOA South West - Cruising to & from the Isle of Wight 50th Anniversary Rendezvous 

    If you are going to the 50th by sea and would like to meet or sail in company with other Fishers on passage to the Isle of Wight, please contact me, ideally by mid-May. In the Forum look out for a thread on this topic in “Rallies, Events & Socials” under the “FOA Western & Southwestern Region” tab. The idea is to use this thread to permit participating skippers to post their outline passage plans, day to day movements and mobile numbers. This offers a flexible approach for skippers to possibly coincide with each other en route as opposed to a rigid flotilla sailing plan which might or might not work out. 

    Organiser: Bryan Sautelle-Smith, Rear Commodore South West, F25 “Emma II” (tel. 01208 831278 or 07711 824577). 

    For Fishers returning from Cowes after the 50th, Rear Commodore South, Clive Pedder, is organising a cruise west for members in his region which we are invited to join. Details are available under the “Rallies & Socials” tab in the FOA website – see the title “FOA 2020 South Rally – Westwards Ho!”. 

    Note: Your attention is drawn to our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page, particularly paragraph 8.